Woocommerce Product Vendor Plugin - dedicated page to display products

I have purchased and installed the Woocommerce Product Vendor Plugin but I am having some problems getting the dedicated page to display all of the vendors products.

I can get the normal woo commerce shop page to show, and then it also adds a vendor tab and then a link to the vendors products. The problem is when you click on that link to view all of the products for the vendor it redirects to the vendors directory listing page instead of displaying their grid of products. example:

http://www.omahaboutiques.com/product/test-product-1/ - when you click http://www.omahaboutiques.com/vendor/bliss-boutique/ for the vendor product link it just redirects to their listing page at http://www.omahaboutiques.com/city/omaha/listing/bliss-boutique/

So how do I fix this to display the correct dedicated page?

Also is there a way to add a new tab on the actual listings page next to map and special offer that says products that will load just that vendors products.

I can pay for support if needed. Just need to figure this problem out.


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Have you solved your problem yet?