WooCommerce /shop page redirecting to 'home', localhost only - Sage 10

Hi all,

I’m having an issue where WooCommerce’s Shop page redirects to the site’s homepage but on localhost only i.e. if I load the page on sitedev.test, it works fine.

The rest of the WooCommerce pages work fine.

I tried installing the ‘sage/woocommerce’ package but I don’t think we’re supposed to use that with Sage 10, correct? (It was throwing all sorts of errors, so I had to remove it anyway).

Anyone has any ideas, please?

It’s not the end of the world, but it would obviously be a total pain in the neck to try and work on it through the .test instead of localhost.

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: I also tried with a fresh theme install and the same problem occurs, so I’m pretty sure I’m missing something when it comes to Sage 10 + WooCommerce.

Have you updated the permalinks (Settings -> Permalinks -> Update changes)? :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile: Quite a few times, actually (was getting desperate and at a complete loss :sweat_smile:)

Any redirection plugins involved? Please also note that Chrome is aggressively caching redirects, so aggressively in fact, that I have to completely restart Chrome to make the previous redirection go away.
Are other frontend pages than the start/front page loading, e.g. a test page?

No redirections whatsoever.

I just tried Firefox & Edge and it works.

And I just tried Empty Cache/Hard Reload on Chrome and it worked.

I’m eternally grateful for your input and I’m sorry I wasted your time. Such a basic thing should’ve occurred to me.

Thank you so much @strarsis!

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