Woocommerce single-product and single-product-content

hello there.
i need some help. i’m almost done with my work on this website, i have problems with woocommerce: www.solomonsoundhealing.com/wp/store
i have some issues when i have a simple product, not when i have other sorts of product.
i cant figure it out. when i get into to the product: http://www.solomonsoundhealing.com/wp/shop/gift-certificate/
it only loads the image and nothing else. not even my menu header.
i have copied the archive-product.php, single-product.php and content-single-product.php into my roots theme root. and it uses these files, since i have made different html comments in the source.
does anyone know what makes the problem? i don’t have the same problem with other product, and they even work with a booking plugin:

Most likely a PHP syntax error. Check your product template and other templates it uses for open/closing tags and loops.