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WooCommerce support for Sage 10

As I can not reply to the multiple already closed topics, I am opening another one:

I’ve forked and overworked sage-woocommerce for Sage 10 support. Plesase feel free to give it a try:

As WooCommerce is on the list of native support for Sage 10, I am looking forward to a final and propably more robust solution. So take it as a temporary fix.


This package have some problems. First of all:

When you’re in shop category it tries to load taxonomy-product_cat.php and if you don’t have such file error will be triggered, it should try to load archive-product.blade.php instead.

Another big one: wc_get_template( 'archive-product.php' ) loading twice. One from Woocommerce plugin template and one from theme, so in the end you have duplicate products rendered.

Thanks for your feedback @RomkaLTU .

As you mention it I remember that even with Sage 9 it was required to add a taxonomy-product_cat.blade.php and taxonomy-product_tag.blade.php to the template structure. I will add both files and a notice to the repo.

As I am am using Blade @include() instead of wc_get_template(), I did not recognize that.
Can you please verify that uncommenting line 75 (echo view($view, $data)->render();) fixes it for you?

Seems we both synchronized our work on the same day but with different solutions :slight_smile:

Mine is very untested though

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Another one:
Haven’t had any issue so far.