WooCommerce variable product pricing not working with Sage

I’m building a WooCommerce site using Sage, but having issues with the variable product pricing not generating the price once variables are selected from the dropdown. I’ve added the theme support and followed the instructions in the post on here about theme integration, but no luck. I switched over to the 2016 theme to see if it would work there and it did, so I know it’s something not set up right in Sage. Any thoughts?

Step 1 to debugging this would probably be checking the JavaScript console to see if there are any errors, as I can only assume that variable prices change on the fly with JavaScript.

No issues in the console: http://designatwork.net/humbledonkeystudio/gallery/.

It’s also not recognizing that some variables aren’t available in some sizes…

There’s a console error after you open the more info modal.

Yeah, I just updated the plugin files and those errors appeared. I’m at a complete loss on how to get the price to show up for the variable products…

They do show up for me? Have you fixed it in the meantime?