WordPress 5.2.1 + Soil [soil-jquery-cdn]

It looks like when we upgrade to Wordpress 5.2.1 add_theme_support('soil-jquery-cdn'); breaks. There’s a “-wp” appended to the jQuery version which results in a 404:

<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.12.4-wp.min.js"></script>

Has anyone else experienced this?


Yep. We experienced this. Looks like I have the same issue on all of my sites. Everything continues to work, so there must be a fallback. Removing add_theme_support('soil-jquery-cdn') removes the 404 error so perhaps and update is required to Soil?

Soil 3.8.0 has been released and the jQuery CDN feature has been removed.

If you didn’t receive an email update with the notes and a link to download, please visit https://roots.io/product-links/ for the latest version


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