WordPress as a back-end and custom API options

Hi all,

I wanted to build a Next.js/React front-end with a WordPress back-end for the CMS. I also wanted to have custom events with some Yelp-like review features and then some other functionality down the line. I would say I’m proficient with WordPress so I know how I would be able to add these features to WordPress.

However, there’s also the option of creating the events as an API built on something like Laravel or some other framework and then building a WP plugin to manage/moderate the content from that service. Although this helps with scaling it obviously introduces more work to maintain. I like the idea of each server having it’s own purpose (front-end, CMS, events, etc.) but I feel it may be overkill for the purpose of my site. I checked Alexa rankings with a free-trial and the 2 main competitors receive an estimated 1-3 million visits a month.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to approach this? The cost isn’t an issue for me. If I just wanted to get up and running then WordPress handling everything in the back-end seems like the way to go. It’s a passion project of mine and I would feel confident building out the APIs outside WordPress but it’s hard to tell if it’s going to be worth it down the line.

Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated since I’m still in the brainstorming phase at the moment.