Wordpress_env_defaults in helpers.yml not working?

Not sure what I’m missing here, but if I try and change any settings for wordpress_env_defaults in group_vars/all/helpers.yml, it does not update my .env file. Any advice out there?

Is this in development or for a remote server?

If you deployed and didn’t see any changes, it’s likely because there’s a separate definition of wordpress_env_defaults in the deploy role: trellis/main.yml at b6fde51906a5a8a6fad2860a8db585c7a0c4ae1a · roots/trellis · GitHub

What are you trying to accomplish exactly? There might be another way.

This is for a remote server. I was expecting that making changes to wordpress_env_defaults in helpers.yml would override roles/deploy/vars/main.yml.

I’m specifically trying to set disable_wp_cron and wp_post_revisions. It seemed like helpers.yml was a good place to do this … but I ended up just adding these to group_vars/all/vault.yml.

Any values defined under a site’s env setting will override those defaults. So you can just set them on a per site basis in group_vars/<env>/wordpress_sites.yml which is documented here (wp_post_revisions isn’t there, but should be since it’s supported too).

They aren’t “secrets” so they don’t need to be in vault.yml either.

I only added these 2 settings to group_vars/all/vault.yml since I’d like them to apply to all environments. If there’s another way to do that, let me know. Otherwise, yes, I’d have to add them on a per site basis like you described. I guess I just was confused about the purpose of helpers.yml … is that just for reference?

They are used in development since the deploy role isn’t included/used at all. There’s probably a better way to define them so it’s only done in one place :thinking: but while the values are the same, they access other variables in different ways so it’s hard to unify them.