"Wordpress Installed?" Task error on deploy: 'wp-config.php' not found

I get the following error when I am doing a production deploy to DO. How can I solve it? I should add that I updated Trellis two days ago and provisioning was ok.

TASK [deploy : WordPress Installed?] *******************************************
System info:
  Ansible; Darwin
  Trellis at "Add Vagrant config"
Error: 'wp-config.php' not found.
  Either create one manually or use `wp core config`.
 fatal: [IP ADDRESS]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "cmd": ["wp", "core", "is-installed", "--skip-
`plugins", "--skip-themes", "--
require=/srv/www/agqualityproperties.com/shared/tmp_multisite_constants.php"], "delta": 
"0:00:00.193903", "end": "2017-05-08 04:36:45.993014", "failed": true, "failed_when_result": 
true, "rc": 1, "start": "2017-05-08 04:36:45.799111", "stderr": "Error: 'wp-config.php' not 
found.\nEither create one manually or use `wp core config`.", "stderr_lines": ["Error: 'wp -

config.php’ not found.", “Either create one manually or use wp core config.”], “stdout”: “”,
“stdout_lines”: []}`

That likely means you’re repository isn’t set up properly.

What does your site config look like for repo_subtree_path (if its set)? An example project structure is at https://github.com/roots/roots-example-project.com

You can see that wp-config.php exists at https://github.com/roots/roots-example-project.com/blob/master/site/web/wp-config.php

So make sure wp-config.php exists in your web/ folder and make sure Trellis is pointing at the correct place.