Wordpress performance local development

Is it normal that my development environment works slower than my digitalocean 5$ production server? I mean, its local with 4gb ram on VirtualBox and a i3-6320.
When I clic on the wordpress menu it goes slow.
Extra info:

  • Cache disabled on local
  • Cache enabled & Cloudflare in production

if its normal I’ll work on a staging server because its a lot faster to create pages, edit, etc


Try installing Query Monitor to see if there’s something WP-specific causing the slowdown - a plugin, DB query, etc.

Yeah, probably. VirtualBox isn’t great for performance and it can really vary depending on the host machine/configuration.

Also in development caching is off, debug mode is probably on, etc.

. I thinks It will be better for you to go back and work on staging server. don’t waste your time to find out the way to fix it.