WordPress Sites tutorial is confusing

Hi, thank you for creating Trellis.

I just wanted to let you know that this part of the tutorials is confusing, and it is one of the more important parts:

Specifically, what I need to do is to load my already existing word-press instance into the sites setup, and it doesn’t actually explain how to do that, or at least what the problems might be when doing that… I’m gonna go ahead and try to do it now (I’ve done it on VVV yesterday before I discovered trellis, so I’m probably kind of prepared), but I wanted to note that it would be helpful for new users if a at a paragraph or two was written about that here.

Oh, OK, I see now why trellis was so confusing at first… You’re using Bedrock. Can at least a word or two of warning be in order in the first tutorial for folks like me that are trying to import an already existing website to understand the caveat of using trellis? :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong please, I’m sure that bedrock is a great framework, at least it seems like that form simply seeing that it puts the wordpress core and it’s addons into two different places, but a word of warning in tutorials how exactly trellis works and what is expected would be appreciated by people coming in, trying to use your framework, but then finding out they can’t because it uses bedrock…

I would consider converting the website to bedrock for sure, but currently I just need it up fast for colleagues, so I can’t If I want a node up today…

So, I’m just here asking if some “caveats” section in the tutorial is possible for future (inexperienced) users like me, comming in, to understand what trellis/bedrock are not for (non Bedrock based websites)? A bulleted list somewhere in the first or second tutorial would be awesome, and a paragraph or two?

Best regards!

Bedrock is mentioned as the structure for Trellis on the first page of the documentation. Perhaps it can stand some beefing up in the future of the docs.

That said, converting a typical wp structure to bedrock for trellis use takes no real time (moving your content folder from wp-conent/ to site/web/app/ and then you can continue the Trellis setup as usual.

If you are doing this for local development and really want to keep the current structure, and happen to be an OSX user, this is great alternative to VVV.

OK, thank you for letting me know about the conversion process, I will attempt to convert it now and will come back to report whether I was successful.

P.S. I’m a win user, I don’t like the fact that VVV can’t deploy to production, I want a WP website up on linode on a LEMP stack (whether I can do it by manually uploading an image to linode via “recovery” process, or directly via LEMP, I simply wish to automate bringing up a production server into more or less a one click deploy.

Best regards.

WordPress* #capitalpdangit

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Y’all too funny, don’t forget the hyphen (-), it’s the most important part! I have no idea how it got in there… consequence of touch typing and brain in neutral, I suppose.

@cedarstay, thank you for your comment, you’ve saved me a lot of grief trying to continue to find something decent.

Was easy indeed, though it took me some quite a few hours to things related to basic settings sorted out; correct wordpress_sites.yml and database settings (db_import on win is relative to server, and db_prefix needs to be inserved via env:), but in general, much easier then i thought… I’ll need to let composer handle plugins as well, but that’s for later.

Thank you very much.

If I find some time, I’ll see to improve the tutorials a bit.

Best regards.

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