Wordpress-versions: easily switch between multiple versions of WordPress

wordpress-versions allows you to easily switch between multiple versions of WordPress. Each WordPress version has its own versioned test environment for running unit-tests against.

The directory structure is inspired by Bedrock and it includes the bedrock-autoloader and register-theme-directory plugins.

Perhaps this will be useful to some.

Check it out! GitHub - pryley/wordpress-versions: Easily switch between multiple versions of WordPress

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Cool and thanks for posting.

Iā€™m currently having difficulty with composer right now. Whenever I want to rollback to an older version of WordPress for debugging for example, updating composer, checking it in, then running a deploy to my remote server becomes cumbersome.

Iā€™d like to know more about what inspired you to build this.

Actually the inspiration came from brew-php-switcher. I use homebrew to setup my local development environment and I needed to easily switch between PHP versions to test a certain donation plugin that I was contributing to as they support all the way back to PHP 5.3. With brew-php-switcher I can switch both PHP and the php cli versions with a single command in the terminal.

Then when I building a new plugin, I wanted to run the unit-tests on different versions of WordPress. After looking for something like brew-php-switcher for Wordpress versions, I figured Iā€™d just whip it together myself.

Eventually I plan to rewrite it as a php-cli command with support for table synchronisation, plugin option synchronisation, database reset, etc.