Workaround still required to avoid NFS Mount failure on recent Mac OS for external drive?

This thread is closed, as is the corresponding GitHub issue (though still open for commentary).

I think that this is the appropriate place to wonder to the community if there’s been further development; if people who want to retain storage space on their Mac’s are still using variations on the suggested workaround and/or if Mac OS > 12.6; or newer versions of Virtual Box (> 6.1) or Vagrant (I’m using Vagrant 2.2.18) don’t suffer from the NSF mount failure.

Thanks, friends.

Outside of this, I’m curious what other dev solutions people are using. I have been working a bit with WP Env, Local WP, various other Docker solutions and Valet Plus, none of which are particularly painless to maintain and/or implement.

Have you tried using Lima with Trellis? It’s much faster and doesn’t use NFS, VirtualBox, or Vagrant

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Thanks, @ben . You , @Scott_V and the crew continue to inform and deliver!

NOTE: Requires macOS 13.0 (Ventura) or higher

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