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Working Linux build (Linux + Trellis + Vagrant + Bedrock + Sage 9)



Greeting to the community,

So I recently decided to go FULL SAGE! :space_invader:

Long story short, I decided to switch my dev environment to Linux to explore the advantages of CLI and take on learning Node.js. So I’ve been messing around with different Ubuntu versions and different approaches to Sage for the past 72 hours in a row. I’ve learned that the best Linux distro for me is Ubuntu 17.10 since with this I got the most hardware (3 displays, BT keyboard, BT mouse, etc) working properly. I am aiming for the Sage 9 workflow with Trellis and Bedrock - fell in love with the Sage way having used Sage 8 workflow on Windows previously.

I’ve had so many different problems getting the actual setup to work so I won’t start listing all those problems up here, instead I’d like to hear some of your working solutions - different distros of Linux with the versions of other components (Linux distro, version, kernel, composer, yarn, node, php, ansible, etc versions).

I’ve looked over tons of different tutorials and walk troughs but all of these are somewhat outdated, different setups, etc. Also, all the version requirements on official tutorials (, …/bedrock, …/sage) are “>=” and as I’ve understood the latest version isn’t always the best, etc.

So yeah, I’m hoping some of you could recommend a complete build with stable (reliable) components versions so I could set up from scratch and hopefully get it all working.

Edit: Another thing. I noticed Vagrant that comes with Trellis runs a Nginx VM in default but the main production server I’m using and developing for uses Apache server. As I’m mainly developing WP solutions should I be concerned about the server difference? Is far as I understand there shouldn’t be any problems as far as the PHP version and modules match.