Would you add other WP site from other developer to your server with Trellis as multisite?

I have made WP site to my client with Trellis to Digital Ocean server a year ago. Now my client asks if it is possible to add other WP site to the server which is made by some random designer/developer. Obviously because the client wants to save money.

So question is: Is it even wise to add this WP site from other developer to the server with my Trellis setup and all as multisite? Is more trouble than benefit?

I’d say more trouble.

Trellis only supports Bedrock-based sites out of the box anyway and I’m guessing that other “random” site isn’t on Bedrock? If so it’s definitely more trouble.

Anyway, a WP site can easily run on another $5-10 server so I’d suggest that route if possible.

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Thank you so much for this! I told the client to buy new server instead since it will be more cheaper to the client anyways :smiley:

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