Wp-admin/network not working


Trellis 1.0.0-rc.1
BedRock 1.7.9
MultiSite with sub-domain = true
Environnement : production

Admin site url : /wp/wp-admin/

Here is my problem. A lot of “network” option page does not save data. And i am also unable to add site from the admin network : /wp-admin/network/site-new.php => if i submit the form, i go to a 403 error page :
Do you really want to do that ?

Not sure if it is normal, but the admin network does not include the wp inside the url :
/wp-admin/network , but it shloud be /wp/wp-admin/network , no ?

I already tried to reinstall all from the begining, starting with a fresh server, deploy & provision, but always the same problem.

Everithing work well in development env (vagrant) …

Logs does not ouput anything. Help will be really appreciate

Wel, i found a “tip”, but i do not think that is a good soluce, because it is not what i want.

It work if i remove www from the url.

- canonical: site.com
- www.site.com

But it will not work like that :
- canonical: www.site.com

So, how can i set the url with the www ??