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WP Bakery and Sage


I would like to add WPBakery to my theme, for the client to build their own page if needed and provide them with customisable models.

I can’t put my hands on documentation to use WPBakery in my sage theme.
Maybe can you guide me to where i can find that ?


WPBackery is a WordPress plugin, right?
So this plugin should be a dependency of your theme? Or of the WordPress site?
Plugins in the ecosystem are managed by composer, you would use a Bedrock WordPress site.

I also asked directly to WP-bakery developpers and they sent me there
( didn’t try yet, but i got my hands on documentation, i’ll update ASAP for the next person that will look :slight_smile:

So i did follow the docs, and it’s working for now.
first générate ZIP with TGM ( ) then follow documentation ( don’t forget to create plugins folder and add your plugins zip in it )
I have the message that inform required plugins on WP dashboard, and the installation is working well. :slight_smile:

Now, i still can’t figure out where to go to codes the models template.

Best advice from a personal perspective would be to switch to Elementor and save yourself from the headaches if you need to use a page builder - WPBakery was good for many years but in my personal opinion Elementor has by far exceeded it - clients much happier using it than WPBakery.

Work very well with Sage and Tailwind especially.

Personally I absolutely prefer Gutenberg over everything else. After trying lots of page builders, I must say that Gutenberg is really the best in terms of usability and customization.

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It’s the client choice so i’m not really in the position to switch builder right know ^^

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