Wp-cli error establishing a db connection

Hello guys, I am new to Sage Development. I am using Sage.10 avec docker, and I am facing some issues. First of all I can’t use wp-cli commands like wp acorn help because I am getting an “Error: Error establishing a database connection.”

The second issue is that I am trying to edit many view files but I don’t see any changes on the front-end. E.x. I am editing the single.blade.php or the entry-meta.blade.php and I am not seeing any change on front even though webpack reloads. (app.css works fine) Am I missing sth here?

The system I am using is Linux Mint. Maybe has to do with any permissions? Dunno. Thanks.

I suppose you need to run “wp” command inside the Docker container.

You are probably right. Also I fixed the issue with the cache. It was because of permissions in cached views folder. Thank you for your time.