Wp_enque_script error sage 10

i am a noob so sorry if i dont describe things correctly.

i have set up a site using laravel valet and bedrock. so far so good. when i want to install sage 10 it works but when i go to widgets i get this error:

wp_enqueue_script() was called incorrectly. “wp-editor” script should not be enqueued together with the new widgets editor (wp-edit-widgets or wp-customize-widgets). Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 5.8.0.)

i know its sage because i dont have this with other themes.

I saw the other problem on here but that sollution doesnt work for me.

Does anyone have a solution for me that doesnt turn off gutenberg?

with kind regards,

Possible solution here if you haven’t already tried it: Unable to use Appearance/Widgets in Dashboard · Issue #2819 · roots/sage · GitHub

Comment out the following line at resources/scripts/editor.js

//import '@wordpress/edit-post';

I don’t know the implications of removing that package, but I just tested this on a current project and it appears to resolve that error.

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