WP Faker & Dummy Content

Just wanted to share this. It has come in very useful for me today:

I found this package for generating fake wordpress posts and dummy data. It utilises the ‘fzaninotto/faker’ package in the same way as Laravel Factories.


Make sure to install it to the wp folder:

cd site/web/wp
git clone https://github.com/alanpilloud/wp-faker.git

The fzaninotto/faker version is a bit outdated so update it to avoid some errors:

Update composer.json: "fzaninotto/faker": "^1.9",

cd wp-faker
composer update

Set up your config file - rename to config-custompost.php, for example.

Then visit:
To create your dummy data

It’s working really well for me at generating Custom Post Types along with ACF fields.

And because the ‘wp’ folder doesn’t get commited to Git, this should be completely safe to use in a standard Bedrock environment.

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Thank you for sharing @stuartcusackie! Really nice that it fills ACF fields as well. I was using FakerPress plug-in but I think it doesn’t support ACF

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