Quick question, I see there is a repo in Roots for wp-h5bp-htaccess. It said this was moved from Roots to become a plugin back in April. I am a little confused, since my installation of Roots seems to be creating an .htaccess file with the H5BP bits in it. Do I need this plugin, or is Roots doing this already?

If you already have the h5bp rules in your .htaccess then you’re using a version of Roots before the feature was moved to a plugin. This means you don’t need the plugin as well.

You may want to check the plugin for any changes to the h5bp rules though, as they can no longer be updated through Roots.

Thanks, Nick. It’s a bit odd because both sites I am working on use Roots (classic branch) and both have the HTML5BP code in the .htaccess code. Perhaps I had installed the htaccess plugin on one of the sites.

Looks like it is good practice to use the plugin anyway.