WP Migrate Allowed memory size exhausted

So I’m migrating over my companies WordPress assets to a Trellis installation and I’m having a migrate db pro issue related to php memory when uploading all the images. The error is:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 100663296 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 13964017 bytes) in /srv/www/thisispublichealth.org/current/web/app/plugins/wp-migrate-db-pro/class/wpmdb-base.php on line 468

I’ve had similar types of issues on servers I’ve managed and always been able to solve them increasing the php memory limit or post max size. In this case, I’ve set them all super high. and still getting the max 100MB. Any ideas?

How did you increase the limit?

I usually just manually FTP the uploads folder into place then run the migration without the media files plugin.

Most of the time I do this on the first pull / push, especially on a site with a lot of assets. After that, when I’m not trying to move so much data, I’ll use the media files add-on.

Migrate DB Pro is insanely good, but I find that the place I run into problems the most is when I’m trying to migrate large media libraries. Give it a try.

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