WP Super cache problem

Hello guys!

I’m experiencing some troubles with WP Super cache right now with bedrock

Warning! WP Super Cache caching was broken but has been fixed! The script advanced-cache.php could not load wp-cache-phase1.php.

has been recreated and WPCACHEHOME fixed in your wp-config.php. Reload
to hide this message.

I updated application.php file to WP_CACHE true and put advanded cache in the repo as well as wp-cache-config.php
But I’m still experiencing this error.

Trying to speed up this website which I know is pretty heavy itself: www.ciutieciuti.it

Thanks for your support!

any update on this, guys?

This is an issue with the plugin, not Bedrock, you will need to customise and add:

define('WPCACHEHOME', '/full/path/to/app/plugins/wp-super-cache/');

In future, please search the plugin resources for fixes before posting here or blaming Bedrock.