Wpengine and Bedrock

I saw a few threads, but is anybody here using WPEngine with Bedrock somewhat smoothly. I actually have never used WPEngine before, but as I understand it you can’t have custom installs of Wordpress.

No I doubt WPEngine would allow a Bedrock install. Last time I used them, it’s a very generic WP installation, and it’s managed by them.

Yeah, I figured. Thanks.

You’ll get competitive performance just using a 512MB DO box optimized.

They don’t provide SSH access, so you won’t be able to deploy a Bedrock site. If you request it, they’ll set you up with a Git repo for your live and staging sites - any changes you push to the repo is then automatically deployed, but you won’t be able to run commands like composer on the server side.

But a lot of websites are going down on DO those days :frowning:

Still trying to find a solution… Maybe some Trellis settings could help