WPForms PRO as a Composer dependency

Hello, maybe someone solved this problem?

In general, we need to add premium plugin WPForms to composer dependencies, but WPForms provides Amazon link with expiration date and signature, which makes it hard to use it for composer dependency.

I have rolled my own satis server tied to github repos and have an update script that daily pulls in premium plugins. I haven’t used WPForms so I can’t say for sure, but that’s a solution for this and similar plugins.

Well, my setup is probably a bit strange, but I mount a samba share over a reverse SSH tunnel during Trellis deploy. As I am using WSL (Bash on Windows) I can use a native shared folder for the plugin repositories.

We host our paid wp plugins in private repos in Bitbucket. Whenever we add a new plugin we have to manually add composer.json file to it and when a plugin update is released we download it and overwrite the old copy, create version tag and push it to Bitbucket. A lot of manual work for updates, but it works. @mgargano 's approach might be better, have not tried setting up our own satis server.

@ilja that’s how I originally did it, but evolved to satis.

@mgargano How did you setup daily pulls of premium plugins? If it is not under NDA of course .:wink:

To be honest, it’s a gigantic conglomeration of scripts, I need to wrangle it :slight_smile:

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