WSL - Bedrock - Sage theme - proxyURL -> ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

I have to work on a Wordpress - Bedrock - Sage project, and i would like to hot-reload my css changes with yarn start.

The project is working good on virtual host (i use WAMPP), but when i type yarn start and try to acces localhost:3000, i get ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error. However i can reach localhost:3001 where the BrowserSync runs.

I tried on port 8000, but i got the same error.

I googled hours for this issue, but i didnt find any solution for this yet.

I use WSL in Windows 10, and my whole stack is under “Linux”, so i installed the project from there with composer (if that matters).

edit: i have a lot of css work, and i would like to watch the changes instantly, istead of building every time manually.

edit2: my config is the pure basic bedrock + sage config. I changed nothing, it is a fresh project.

What local server are you using? Vagrant? Docker?

My project is runing on wampserver, and the hot-reload function is handled by webpack. I changed nothing, i have a fresh installed project with composer (bedrock core, and sage theme).

Browsersync runs as a proxy in front of your WAMPP server.
Check the address and port Browsersync should use.

Wamp uses port 80, but webpack can’t create the proxy for that port.

But i found a solution!

Everyone who run’s into this trouble, just use PORT 3001 for proxy in config.json:

  "devUrl": "http://foo.local",
  "proxyUrl": "http://localhost:3001",

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