Xampp and Roots..Not a good thing?

I just ran into a little hiccup that made me curious.

On my desktop I have an older version (fairly old) of Xampp running with the latest version of Roots. I have had no problems.

I decided to install the latest version of Xampp on my laptop using the latest version of Roots. I just couldn’t get roots to write to the .htaccess file correctly. My links were all wrong. I flushed the permalinks etc… and looked at my permissions and noodled over it for hours…sadly.

Then out of curiosity, I decided to try the “Classic” version of roots. Boom, my .htaccess file was written to like it should be.

Normally, I would say this is just a write issue, but find in odd that I can get the Classic version to work right off the bat. Any ideas?

Are you aware the rewrites were recently moved to a plugin?

Obviously, not. LOL. Thanks for the heads-up.