Xdebug Book/Screencasts: what would you like to see covered?

Hi there, Everyone!

I’ve been working on a book and series of screencasts explaining how Xdebug works as well as demoing how to use Xdebug in various editors. I’m writing to see what sort of information people are looking for in a book like this, which editors they would like to see covered, and if people are interested in preordering! Leave your info in the comments below. I can’t guarantee all that’s requested will make it into the book, but I’ll seriously consider it!

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Which editors would you like to see covered?

  • VSCode
  • PHPStorm
  • Vim
  • Sublime Text
  • Other

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Are you interested in pre-ordering and getting updates as they’re released?

  • Yes
  • No

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What format would you like it in?

  • Screencast
  • Book
  • Both!

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Things I’d love to see:

  • How you quickly turn xDebug on and off (so you can run without it slowing things down)
  • How to run xDebug on various different local development setups (Trellis, Laravel Valet, MAMP)

Just wanted to tell you how excited I am for this series.

For the IDE, please cover sublime. And to clarify the screen vs book answer. I’d prefer screencast first, then book at a later point in time as it’s useful as a study guide.

Thanks for your awesome work

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I would like to see how local phpstorm run debug mode on remote host apache