XDEBUG to halt on any error (JIT)

How could I configure XDEBUG to halt on any error in my IDE (e.g. PHPStorm) in a Just-In-Time (JIT) debugging manner.

Debugging with breakpoints is already working, but how to configure it to be a JIT debugger automatically?

I don’t quite follow what you mean. If breakpoints are working, that’s basically how xdebug works. Do you mean you want xdebug to halt when there’s an error? I haven’t heard of that feature, you would probably just want to set the breakpoint when you see an error and then see what went wrong.

because most of the time it is very confusing to find an error when it doesn’t occur in the files you’re currently working on, but in some dependencies of it - like login flow of wordpress.
I want my IDE Debugger to automatically halt by XDEBUG in the exact line where the error occurs.