Yarn build command fails after fresh installation

I did a new installation for Sage 10, but I have an error after the first “yarn build”.
The error is “@src/fonts is not a registered path” → The “path” argument must be of type string. Received undefined

Someone can give me help about this problem?

Many thanks,

Is this a completely unmodified, latest Sage 10 theme? What modifications have you done?
The error message indicates that some font-related path is incorrectly set in the theme bud configuration.

As @strarsis said, we need a lot more details to help you.

  • what version of bud.js are you using?
  • what are the contents of your config.js
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Yes, it is a completely unmodified latest version of Sage 10.
I changed the configuration of the project to execute it in WSL (with Ubuntu distribution) from Visual Studio Code and it works well (bud is slowly on compiling but it works).

Thanks for your support.