Yarn install has a lot of warnings

I’m new to using Sage but have been using Bedrock for some time now.

Wen I start a new Sage theme I run yarn to get all the dependencies etc but am faced with quite a lot of warnings.

Throughout the development of the new theme I’ve been hitting a few snags with the webpack and a few other things and wondered if it’t to do with these initial install issues…

I want to start a new project/theme but want to see if a clean install works better.

How can I resolve those warnings?

Is this Sage 9.x or Sage 10?

For Sage 9.x there is an update branch that fixes a lot of package rot and incompatibility issues:


Hi @strarsis

Thank you for the link - I’m giving it a go now. I’m currently using sage v9.0.10 as it comes from the main docs.

Does Sage 10 have all these updates that are in the branch you shared? Should I use Sage 10?


oh my goodness! all the webpack and browsersync stuff work like an absolute dream thanks again!

Sage 10 is more or less production-ready although its code is still in dev-master.
For new projects it may be a good idea to invest some time into learning to use the new Sage 10 theme.

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