Yes or No - Sage can be part of bedrock using composer

Hi All!

Is it possible to have sage clone when you run the composer file in bedrock? I feel like all the research I have done the threads have danced around the actual answer. Thanks in advance!

Sage is a Composer package now, so yes you can add sage to Bedrock’s composer.json file and it will get installed when you run composer install.

just saw the composer file in there, haha. Guess I should have checked there, as I was looking in the docs for sage and bedrock. thanks for the help man!

To add on to this, since Sage is a starter theme, you’ll probably want to explore putting your shiny new theme in it’s own repo and pointing Composer to that:

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thanks man, that’s going to be really helpful. I know that I can use composer to run a command and create the directory for the sage theme, but would I just include it with the other items (phpdotenv, wp etc) under require section of default bedrock composer file? I know this is probably a silly question, I just want to make sure I am doing this right. thanks guys for all of your insight!

I guess if I elaborated on what the implementation is here, it would make more since. We will be using bedrock/sage for rapid WP development for client sites at work. I previously had built a custom parent/child theme combo that we used, but there were many times that it was not being used to its full capability, because it was not needed. So I took all the custom functionality, turned it into a plugin, and made the decision to use bedrock/sage. I cloned bedrock, put it into our gitlab instance, modified the way the environment config works, and want to have sage installed by default from composer. Figured it would be better than including the theme in the repo to be cloned and used to start a project. I purchased the screencasts and books for my developers, but I want to make sure I implement this the best possible way for them. So I am thinking clone bedrock from our repo to local, run composer, start developing from sage. Sound about right? Just need to get over this last little hump lol

figured this out guys, I was completely overlooking what I was actually trying to do haha. thanks again!

without knowing it, that sounds like a great feature. thanks for it.