Yoast + NextGen Facebook

The Yoast SEO plugin does a compatibility check with other plugins which might cause conflicts with it.

The Yoast plugin attempts to look in ABSPATH.'/wp-content/plugins' which doesn’t cause a show stopper error, but you will get warnings about activating a plugin generating unexpected output.

The fix for it is changing line 112 in wordpress-seo/admin/class-yoast-plugin-conflict.php to:

$plugin_details = get_plugin_data( ABSPATH . '/../app/plugins/' . $plugin );

I don’t know how bedrock or Yoast fix this issue though, as there is no wordpress way of getting the plugins directory afaik.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know as I spent all morning tracking this down and couldn’t find the topic on discourse.

Also, if you run into these problems, this plugin is time saving:


He’s __doing_it_wrong:

Should be using WP_PLUGIN_DIR which uses WP_CONTENT_DIR which Bedrock sets properly.