Apt-key deprecated — should playbooks be updated?

I haven’t seen much about this on here or within the issues on GH, so I’m just generally curious whether there are concerns around the the apt-key approach being deprecated, and ask whether there are any plans to update the relevant playbooks to use gpg instead.

I’m trying to provision an EC2 instance for a client with an IT provider who is just giving me a tough time about running the deprecated commands to provision their server and figured I’d ask the community about their thoughts.

I’d just love to hear what anyone has to say on the subject.

What is this in regards to? What is the message? Is this specifically about the MariaDB APT key issue that was posted recently?

If so, Trellis runs integration tests via GitHub Actions and the error from that topic isn’t something that has popped up yet

It would be helpful to submit a bug report with all of the details (error message, server information, etc) if this is preventing you from being able to successfully provision a server

No, this isn’t specifically about that other issue — though I did see that and the timing seemed like kind of a coincidence in timing.

I’m not by any means suggesting this is a bug or needs to be fixed — I’m really asking whether there’s been discussion on it or thoughts around it. This was brought to light for me when I had issues provisioning, but those are so-far appearing to be related to things having nothing to do with trellis (firewall/proxy interfering). It was during troubleshooting though that I had noticed the messaging around the command being deprecated — which resulted in the IT person I was working with suggesting that I find another way to handle these keys. So I don’t believe apt-key is the issue for me, but rather the human on the other end watching and being skeptical of my using “deprecated approaches”.

I can try running things again to reproduce the issue later and provide those results if you’d like, the ubuntu manuals do document this:

As of 22.04 LTS, which is the version recommended by the trellis docs, the apt-key command is considered deprecated.