AWS Auto Scaling & RDS w/ Trellis

I think it’s time to get a conversation flowing on how best to approach this, and reach a re-usable solution for posterity.

Provision and continuously deploy to an AWS Auto Scaling group, with a decoupled RDS database. Programmatically, with Trellis as the foundation.

I’m about to jump in on this for the rest of the day and will report my findings, but I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to do this. Let’s do it!


Currently doing this, what do you want to know?


I’ll have to do this soon.
Do you happen to have ansible playbooks/configs that enable this?

I think it’s “only” about adding some roles and change the server.yml, correct?

I’m also very interested in this and would love any insight anyone can provide.

This Auto Scaling Wordpress in AWS thread helped me understanding that it’s quite easy to deploy with a remote db.

I’ve spent months researching this type of work and will release what I’ve come up with Open Source to help everyone here.

The gist is -

  • Ansible Play Book a’la Trellis
  • Packer to generate AWS AMI.
  • Terraform to provision the required infrastructure - the ASG will use the AMI we have made with Packer.
  • CI/CD with CodeDeploy triggered via script for deployments.

I like the gist, and I’d love to see more. :+1:t3: