Bedrock and shared hosting

Hi, this is a simple question. Does any sense to use Bedrocks with all its features if you are going to use a shared hosting for production ?


It’s possible. Here’s an example of how to get Bedrock running on GoDaddy shared hosting:

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I also wrote a detailed post on how to get Bedrock up and running on Bluehost:


Where i should put password form my shared host ssh? Now following your instruction (but on different shared host) i get error with autentification.

I’ve got an erorr wit SSH autentefication, and no idea why, this command help me - bundle update net-ssh

My shared host don’t allow to use ssh-agent

Initializing new SSH agent...
listen: Operation not permitted

Can I somehow get trough it? Because in my work I use shared host a lot, and want to deploy it with one command… But maybe I’m doing something wrong, hope someone can help me.

Google using Capistrano without SSH

Maybe also some suggestion here?)