Bedrock on PaaS hosting

Hi all !

Tired of VPS and administrating linux configurations, I’m currently looking for a PaaS, cloud hosting that would support WordPress and of course the Bedrock stack.

WPEngine seems far too restrictive to let you do what you like, though i like the fact that it’s a WP specialized hosting platform.

Now i am looking at Appfog which seems really good, but do you guys know any other PaaS to host a PHP/WP project ?

I am looking for :

  • MySQL or equivalent
  • install whatever plugin you like
  • Allow deploying with whatever tool you like
  • Composer support
  • Amazon S3 or equivalent for persistent storage
  • Preferably datacenter in Europe
  • Ideally something like what Acquia Cloud is doing for Drupal, with GIT deploy management, dev/staging/prod environment, etc…

Share your tips ! :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried many PaaS. I know a few of them like Google App Engine and Heroku don’t allow any writes to the file system, so you wouldn’t actually be able to install plugins via the live site.

If you’re looking for a nice middle ground between PaaS and VPS, take a look at Laravel Forge. It integrates perfectly with Bedrock if you are using Git. It will provision your VPS for you, and can set up projects/sites for you really easily. When using Bedrock, you just give Forge your git repo, and point the public folder to /web if you kept the Bedrock defaults. It also can watch your repo for commits, so if you commit to master or another branch, it will pull those changes. Then on each deploy you can also have it run grunt/gulp as well. My deployments are all automated now.

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I’m with you when it comes to VPS administration. In fact that’s a a complete non-starter for me, as I’m handing off sites to clients who are not going to be able to handle that.

GoDaddy’s managed hosting is sorta-kinda working for me. They provide SSH access, but I’m still working through getting Capistrano’s symlinks working. GoDaddy doesn’t allow absolute symlinks, they need to be relative. There are probably some other issues I’m forgetting off the top of my head, too.

This article covers the same issues with BlueHost.

The more I think about deployments, the more I think push-based deploys are not appropriate for WordPress sites that I’m handing off to clients. I’m looking toward being able to set up the site to pull updates to my theme and any plugins I’ve written instead.

I’ll have to look for something other than Composer to handle plugin installation as well, but I think that’s appropriate. If I come back to modify the site in a year I don’t want to have to get Composer updated with whatever the client has installed.

By having WordPress pull updates I’d be able to use any host the client wanted.

Hi !

I am trying Openshift right now, and it looks very promising !

Pagodabox also seems a good option.

Let us know how it goes!