Best PaaS for bedrock - pagodabox, appfog, openshift etc

I’m new to bedrock and like the ideas behind it. However, I’m not really a sys admin and setting up a server with what we need and then maintaining it, while more flexible than managed or shared hosting, seems like a lot of extra work when we prefer to do what we do best - post in forums and pretend to design & code. :wink:

I ran across this post which mentions some PaaS that work well with bedrock - which seems like they could be good solutions: Bedrock on PaaS hosting

I’m looking at pagodabox as an option: does anyone have any experience with them?

@ajmalafif, I noticed that you have been using it with bedrock and mentioned sharing some tips and your QuickStart recipe for bedrock. Can you elaborate on your experience/ pros/ cons and your recipe to get started?