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Hey, all -

I’m running Zorin OS (Ubuntu-based), and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to setup Trellis locally. The guide doesn’t actually tell you how to install the thing.

I’ve been able to clone and setup Bedrock from Github, but I’d like to have a local development environment.

Forgive the complete ignorance. I’m just starting my journey into devops and looking for a sustainable, scalable workflow.

Trellis is a collection of ansible playbooks. The docs have some information on getting the up and running in Ubuntu, which should apply to your situation: Getting Started: Ubuntu Linux | Roots Documentation “Installing” Trellis is just getting the Trellis repo and incorporating it into your project, and installing the things in depends on (i.e. virtualbox, ansible, etc). Once you’ve done that, it provisions your local env when running vagrant commands.

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trellis-cli wraps a lot of Trellis functionality and makes it easier to set up/manage projects, so you might check that out too.

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I am currently using Lando to spin up my dev environments for Bedrock/Sage project.

here is my .lando.yml file

name: example
  - .env
recipe: wordpress
  appserver_nginx:  # Optional: if you exclude this, Lando will serve it as
    - example.test
    - mail.example.test
  theme:  # Optional: add this if you include the Sage specific config down below
    - localhost:3000
    - localhost:3001
  php: '8.0'
  composer_version: 2-latest
  via: nginx
  webroot: web
  database: mariadb
  xdebug: true

# Add the following if you plan to use Sage as a starter theme
    type: mailhog
    portforward: true
      - appserver_nginx
    scanner: false
    type: node:16
        - 3000:3000
        - 3001:3001
    service: theme

Some references

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