Bower installed slick.js not finding ajax-loader.gif

I have installed slick.js using

   $ bower install --save slick.js

and it runs and works fine except for the fact that it doesn’t find ajax-loader.gif. I am trying to figure out how wiredep deals with a bower packages’s assets like fonts and images. The css and js compiled just fine but they reference other files which did not seem to make it through the unfreezing process.

The slick.js css looks for the ajax-loader.gif file in the same directory. How is this supposed to work in our gulp / bower workflow?


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Thanks Ben. Thats helpful.

For anyone who wants a bit more detail, I used the overrides section of our bower.json file. I did not need slick-theme.css which is the file that was calling the ajax loader.gif so I simply added this:

"slick.js": {
	  "main" : ["slick/slick.min.js", "slick/slick.css", "slick/fonts/*"]

I learned this from the Screencast here:

Worth the $10


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