Bower ScrollMagic install only works after gulp, but not after gulp watch


i installed scrollmagic via bower. After i run gulp the js seems to be recognized, since it does not throw any errors.
When i edit css and after gulp watch ran, the scollmagic controller is not recognized anymore.
My js is in a custom.js file that i added to the manifest.json and equed it in the lib/assets.php.
In that file is also the code for the scrollmagic.

wp_enqueue_script('modernizr', asset_path('scripts/modernizr.js'), [], null, true);
  wp_enqueue_script('sage_js', asset_path('scripts/main.js'), [], null, true);
  wp_enqueue_script('sage_myCustom_js', asset_path('scripts/myCustom.js'), [], null, true);

I dont really understand why this is a problem, since any other plugin i installed via bower and checked the bower.json files to include the js and css will work after running the gulp watch command.

Thanks for any help


have you tried running

bower install --save scrollmagic

It did work for me.