Bud 6.3.0 issues with 404s

Since bud 6.3.0 I get the following 404 error when accessing the bud dev server on http://localhost:3000

GET Not found

Anyone else encountering this problem?

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Confirmed on my end that there’s a bug with Acorn 2.1.0 and Acorn 2.1.1 + Bud 6.3.x

A bandaid for this combo right now is to use Acorn v3 (which we can’t guarantee is stable), or add this to your Bud config:

app.hooks.action('config.after', async () => {
  app.hooks.on('build.output.publicPath', publicPath =>
    app.isDevelopment ? `/` : publicPath,

We will have a proper solution in either Acorn v2 or Bud soon.


Cheers! that works for me

Hey Ben,

Thanks for the solution. When I acces the same bud dev session on my phone (same network) the styling is missing. Do you have temporary fix for this as well? Thanks.

Try with 6.3.2 and let me know if there are still any problems.

tried accessing via IP or [computername].lan. both seemed to work well for me.

updated to 6.3.2 - however image paths in SASS like background-image:url(../../images/wave-green.svg); still can not be resolved when running build.

I am not using @src or @images because this does not seem to work for me for some reason. Do i need to use aliases for this to work with Bud consistently?

file structure in a nutshell is the following:
– …
– src
– --fonts
– --images
– --styles
– --scripts
– bud.config.js
– index.php

it always seems to add “components” infront. Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './components/@source/src/images/wave-red.svg' in './src/styles'
Not sure if this is just displayed, or actually what it’s looking for.

The Bud 6.3.0 issues with 404s have been resolved in newer releases of Bud + Acorn

Your image path issue is unrelated to the issue that this topic was originally for, so please create a new topic for your problem if you are still having issues (or try passing the path as (../images/, not ../../images) :pray: