Desktopserver and bedrock

I’ve been spending weeks and I’m finally giving up on trying to get bedrock-ansible to work with multisite due to this so I want to move back to using desktop server as my local environment for managing wp but still use bedrock. However, I’m not really sure how to go about it. desktopserver preconfigures wp-config.php with multisite and the db and url to ( for eg).

I assumed that I could just:

  • open up the wp-config from the desktopserver install and copy and paste the creds for the db into the .env file along with the multisite line and the new url as the HOME and SITEURL.
  • then delete the desktopserver install and rename the bedrock folder to (same as set up on desktopserver)
  • run composer install to install wp

but that doesn’t seem to do it. I just get an index of page when visiting

What am I missing?

Any help is appreciated.

I’m guessing the problem is the web root. You’ll need to point desktopserver to the web/ folder and not the root of your Bedrock directory.

@m33 Did you ever get this resolved. I’ve been searching for the same solution. I can update the document root in the xampp httpd-vhosts.conf file but nothing happens. Any assitance would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi @Kemi_O,

I didn’t. There isn’t any (clear) way to edit the folder that Desktopserver points to. I even tried setting up berock and then having desktopserver install it’s version of wp in the wp folder of bedrock and then coping the db and salts into the .env file of bedrock, deleting the config file that DS set up and notta. Thought for sure it would work.

After trying for 3 weeks to get desktopserver, Bedrock-ansible, MAMP (which worked for about a day) and Docker, working with bedrock, I finally gave up on local solutions (cause I clearly suck at them) and moved to

And guess what? It works! I had to have someone help me with the apache config file on Koding but the site has been flawless. I even have a multinetwork - Multisite set up with subdomains and i still can’t believe it’s all working. I want to cry like a wee babe I’m so happy.

I originally tried codenvy and cloud9 but ended up going with because they’re the only one that allows subdomains on the VM - which is needed for a subdomain multisite install. <-- good to know if you need it. Otherwise, any of those will probably work.

Let me know if you end up going the Koding route and I’ll give you my apache config file deets to help you get up and running. Paid good money for the help. Maybe it can help someone else.

Also, Koding gave me a referral link that will get both us about 500 mb extra of free space on our VM if you use it. (similar to dropbox.)

hope this helped. I wish someone would have told me about these options weeks ago.

Thanks for responding @m33. Yes, I’ve given up to. I guess roots bedrock is not the solution for me.

I’m not sure if this will be of any use to you but I just created a script which runs post update in composer that essentially takes a clean WP install (even from DesktopServer) and modifies the folder structure. It moves the install into a directory called ‘core’, renames the ‘wp-content’ folder to ‘content’ and updates the database/wp-config/index in order for it to all work.
I’m not the best in PHP and it’s VERY rough so I’d welcome anyone to contribute to the project. Anyway, it’s suffice for me for the time being.