Developing remotely and tailwind classes not injected during yarn dev

Hi everyone,

I’m struggling with developing on a VM hosted somewhere. Specifically, tailwind classes are not being compiled/injected during yarn dev. Yarn build works fine.

Installed / configured everything according to the manual, required acorn in the theme folder.

I have in bud.config.js:
.watch([‘resources/views’, ‘app’]);

Everything seems to be working, I can see a very unstyled page when I go to, but when I edit the classes in blade.php, they aren’t showing up.

If I stop yarn dev and run yarn build and then go to, it seems to be working fine.

I’ve just started on Sage so there’s a lot I don’t know at the moment…

Any help would be much appreciated!

I’m also having issues with yarn dev although it might not be the same. Check out my topic on HMR and see if it sounds familiar.

I hope you were been able to get this working!