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Did trellis 1.7+ stop working for anyone?

Suddenly I cannot create a new trellis project with the latest, v1.8, or v1.7.
Always errors about hash mismatch for libssl1.1 and sometimes for it and 10+ packages.

At first I thought I messed something in my linux OS so I installed a fresh one without luck.
Tried downgrading vagrant, virtualbox, ansible to various combinations with no luck as well.

I also tried fixes such as sshing into vagrant and running the below without luck

sudo dpkg --configure libssl1.1
sudo dpkg-reconfigure libssl1.1

I’m trying to confirm that maybe this has something to do with the ubuntu 20 box itself and maybe not related to trellis directly. If so, what can we do about it for now?

The error magically disappeared after 2 days. Hopefully it doesn’t pop up again, but if anyone had a similar experience, please, share it to pinpoint the root cause.

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