Dockerize Local Bedrock & Sage Development with Lando

@noahott Have you had any luck getting this working on your end?

No, I’m still stuck on this one. Not really sure what the next troubleshooting steps are, but happy to help if you have any ideas. I’ve settled on using v5.3.2 for now.

No luck here either. Working with Trellis now. But I’m keeping an eye on this bug report that was recently added and is probably related to our problem.

The random port designation issue is fixed as of 5.7.0 (but you should install 5.7.3 if you’re giving it a go now).

Hi @kellymears, I’m still having the same issue with bud and Lando, even with version 5.7.3. I’ve tried specifying ports 3000, 3030, and 31234 all with the same results. I can SSH into the container running bud and receive the proper response there, but from outside the container I always get an “Empty reply from server.”

Hey y’all, I’m gonna close out this topic.

  1. This is an old guide that is not up-to-date with the current state of Sage
  2. These replies give the impression that there is an issue with Bud

This is just a matter of configuring Lando correctly. There is not anything in either Bud or Lando that are preventing the tools from working with each other. We are using Lando with Bud on two different internal projects at Roots: one with Sage, one with Laravel.

We’d love either an update to this guide or a new one. If you’re interested in contributing and getting paid to write, please see Write for Roots

:information_source: The Sage 10 + Lando discussion is continued at Lando + Bud/Sage Configuration