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Roots is looking to help grow our collection of guides. I’ve started the process of moving our existing guides into the docs site where we plan to publish guides moving forward.

What we’re looking for

:sweat_smile: Help with establishing writing guidelines

Coming up with the writing guidelines for the guides isn’t something I’ve been able to find time to do, but it is something that is important for us to have in place to keep things consistent and have a good reference for everyone who is contributing.

Examples I’ve found elsewhere that I like:

Sage 10 guides

Sage 10 currently has no guides, but many Sage 9 guides are still mostly relevant and could be updated for Sage 10. We’re also looking for guides that are new or looking into more modern ways of approaching things that have changed since Sage 9. Examples:

  • Using (Laravel package) in Sage 10
  • Using WooCommerce in Sage 10
    • There’s several sage-woocommerce packages, we’d welcome guides on how to use any of these.
  • Navigation techniques in Sage 10
    • Examples with Navi and Tailwind CSS to create different nav patterns
    • How to use Bootstrap 5 navbars in Sage 10
  • How to style Gravity Forms with Tailwind in Sage 10
  • How to style Gravity Forms with Bootstrap 5 in Sage 10
  • How to use Alpine.js to do XYZ

Bud guides

We’re looking for folks that feel as good as we do when we run bud builds to help us create Bud guides, too! Examples:

  • How to use Bud with XYZ
    • Vue.js apps
    • Static page builders
    • Laravel apps
  • How to do code splitting with Bud

Bud already contains examples that we would love feedback on, but additionally we still would like guides to go along with the examples.

Acorn, Bedrock, Trellis guides

Reach out to us with your ideas!


Thanks to our sponsors, we’re able to use the funds we receive to help grow our guides collection.

Our budget for most guides is currently around $150, but can be more if more complex. Updates to existing guides will be paid at a lower rate unless they’re needing a rewrite.


Send us an email (team@roots.io) with which topic you are interested in writing a guide for! Or if you’re able to help us figure out some writing guidelines, we would also love to hear from you!

If you’ve done any existing writing please shoot us some links. If you’ve been helping folks out here on Roots Discourse, please mention that, too.

We can only publish content that has not already been published elsewhere.


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