Don't know where to begin

Hello! I’m new to WordPress, Roots, Trellis, Sage, Vagrant, Ansible, VirtualBox, etc. However, after watching videos and reading Web pages for a couple of days, I have a loose idea of how things are structured.

We have an existing WordPress site that we do not maintain. Our Marketing Dept. outsourced the development and hosting of the Web site, completely cutting IT off. Now, we have the directive to bring it all back in-house. I’ll try to ask precise questions.

I need to back into our existing production WordPress environment using a theme based on Sage. First of all, is that possible without having access to the development environment it was built on?


If whoever deployed it included the entire theme folder (i.e. didn’t leave out package.json or composer.json or something) or you can get access to their development repository, then yes. If it’s a Sage 9 theme, then you should be able to download it, and then just follow the docs to get the build environment up and running. If it’s a Sage 8 (or older!) theme, documentation is a bit harder to come by, but the short version would be that you’ll need to run npm install, composer install, and bower install to get everything in place, and then you can use various gulp commands to run build tasks (the gulp commands available can be found in gulpfile.js).

You can compare the theme you’re looking at to Sage 9 or Sage 8 to get an idea of what you might be dealing with.


If you’re not used to developing using yarn and webpack and such, check out these docs to set up your local computer for Sage development.

The Roots team also offers support if you get really stuck!