Error setting up scss in fresh Sage installation


I try to setup scss/sass in a fresh sage 10.4.1 installation.
Steps i did:

yarn add @roots/bud-sass --dev this leads to bud.postcss.set is not a function after running yarn dev + changed app.css to app.scss

then i did yarn add @roots/bud-postcss --dev this leads to bud.dashboard.setRenderer is not a function

how do i get scss running

Hi there,

I’ve set it up in the past by using the same, one of the first things that I ran into before that caused some issues is I had to make sure that all the bud* packages have the same version number.

"@roots/bud": "6.12.0",
"@roots/bud-sass": "6.12.0",
"@roots/sage": "6.12.0"

is good, but this for example cause rando issues.

"@roots/bud": "6.12.0",
"@roots/bud-sass": "6.11.0",
"@roots/sage": "6.12.0"

Then you should just have to remove the Tailwind calls in the bud.config file and rename your app.css editor.css to app.scss and editor.scss


ok changed all to 6.12.0 after this it works properly.

thanks for your help