Fork to revert back to LESS version of Sage?

I’m a lot more familiar w/ LESS than SASS, and I don’t have time for SASS’s learning curve for the particular project I’m working on (although I do intend to learn SASS soon).

Does anyone know of a LESS version of Sage?

Note: I’ve already tried forking the current Sage and reverting it back to before Bootstrap-SASS was implemented, but it’s not working for some reason.

What I did was remove Bootstrap using the following post as a reference: (#3)

Then I pulled in the Base framework using Bower. This of course meant editing the template files to modify/remove any Bootstrap related elements.

Hope this helps.

Y’all realize every single change to the theme is on GitHub, right? You can easily download old releases directly on the site.

Read the discussion at Switch to Sass Bootstrap as the default and note how it’s really not a big difference — I recommend just giving it a try [and get used to it, because Less is quickly losing the preprocessor war]


Thanks Ben! I didn’t know about the releases page, I was trying to to revert to that commit (and it was giving me a couple hickups). So that’s really cool.

And yes, I agree that I need to jump on the SASS train. Main issue was that I had a project due this week and I can work way faster w/ LESS mainly due to familiarity.

Thanks again. Problem resolved.

There is a Bug in 8.1.1 that was only resolved in the upstream 8.2 build, if you want to use LESS the use 8.1.0 or earlier. I was in a similar position where I need to use LESS to update an existing project to run with browser sync. Good luck!

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Whoops, little too late. Good to know though. Do you know what the bug is? How/where/when it might affect me?